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The biggest challenge you always face in life is not the challenge of against the physical environment, it’s man against himself

John clark


medical director

neuroscience of aesthetics

The new field of neuroaesthetics is probing the relationship between art and the brain

washington post



master your mind

The mind has the tactical advantage over you, at all times of your life

david goggins


navy seal

no human is limited

If you don’t rule your mind, your mind will rule you

Eliud Kipchoge


long distance runner

the iron minds

the mind controls the body and the mind is unlimited

the why

it’s a real test of the human will and the human spirit

zach miller


ultra runner

the innovation of graphic design

grabbing the attention like Shakespeare in the park always does

Paula Scher


graphic designer

dream without limits

quitting is not an option because you have a why, you have a passion, you have a purpose

neuroscience of plasticity

the brain’s ability to grow, learn, adapt, and even rewire itself 

the ice ultra

the sense of achievement that you get is fantastic

simon davies


ultra runner

superhuman geniuses

everybody is different, genius is an extreme talent

real stories




nothing can stop you if you don’t stop

the innovation of illustration design

creating art is a painful realization that staring at the paper i have to trust for crazy moments to happen

Christoph Niemann



neuroscience of social connections

our social nature is key to our humanity

world science festival


Big Ideas Series

become a force of nature

if you want to become a force of nature, you need to interact with the forces of nature

erwan le corre



the innovation of architectural design

i’m longing to discover things that i hadn’t even thinking about it

Bjarke Ingels



neuroscience of imagination

how does your brain produce an image of something you have never seen?

Andrey Vyshedskiy




it’s our own private church, our own private temple




neuroscience of consciousness

What is consciousness ?

world science festival


Big Ideas Series

the innovation of photography

what is important is the story, the message, the feeling, the connection. it’s a combination of graphic simplicity and the power of spirit and soul

lion mentality

i am the king of my jungle because of my mentality

neuroscience of human kindness

empathy, our innate ability to feel what other person is feeling, is the prerequisite of any altruistic act

resilience rodeo

we don’t quit, we fight till the end

Jackie Ganter


rodeo rider

the innovation of stage design

you have to fail so many times before you win, mindgame is seriously the majority of it

es devlin


stage designer

the movement

what kind of patterns you have? Can you flip? Can you invert? Can you crawl? or is it just aesthetics?

ido portal


movement culture

the connectome project

the map of the 100 billion neurons of the human brain




What makes you special?

What makes you different, makes you beautiful

Mariana Atencio



neuroscience of psychotherapy

the science behind the therapeutic processes of the human mind

oliver turnbull




if i don’t empower myself, who will?

Erwan Le Corre



the innovation of interior design

the strategy is prioritising the human experience at the beginning of the design process

Ilse Crawford


interior designer

from depression to trophies

invest in yourself, not invest in negativity

sadik hadzovic


ifbb pro

science and spirituality

science based cognitive behavioural therapies are inspired by the ancient philosophies of Stoicism and Buddhism

train your mind

go back again, go back again, i got it

david goggins


navy seal

science and spiritual practices

the science behind the spiritual practices

Rupert Sheldrake



Wallrunners of Gaza

the first day i went to the cemetery, i was scared, how i will practice between of all these dead people? i just said: They don’t have anybody to come to them and visit them. We have to do this, we have to go to talk with the dead people and give them hope that maybe, one day, we’ll be stars or champions

The brain - changing

physical exercise improves and protects your brain

Wendy Suzuki



no excuses

you can’t get the level until you invest in your mind

lazar novovic


calisthenics icon

neuroscience of mindfulness

the science behind the mindfulness techniques

forest bathing

the science behind the benefits of nature connectedness

the art of flight

one of the points of my life where i could say like no one else has ever been here, ever

Travis Rice


pro snowboarder

dear young woman

whatever you’re going through as a woman you have the choice to make for yourself on how gentle and kind you are with yourself

Britta Badour



face your fears

you don’t burn out mentally because you always burn out physically


the science behind the resilience created with the cognitive behavioural therapy

from depression to success

How can you be better if you don’t know what the worst version of yourself is?

Lilly Singh



biological theory of trauma

the science of the experiences of trauma 

deb dana



mental strength

Mentally strong people take responsibility for their role in life and understand that life is not always easy or fair

Amy Morin



the fourth phase

the phases of water is the process we follow, the cycle we ride

travis rice


pro snowboarder

food for thought

Have you ever had a gut feeling or butterflies in your stomach? Has hunger ever changed your mood?

Ruairi Robertson



view from a blue moon

From the dreamy blue perfection of the South Pacific to the darkest uncharted waters of Africa

brain farm



power foods for the brain

if we are able to learn what it takes to protect our brain then perhaps families will be able to stay together much longer

Neal Barnard


physician scientist

the call

blue hour is just before dawn (hawaii), when there’s a minute of silence, where all grows quiet, all except the sounds of the sea, the breathing of the ocean

Sam Potter



The rise of performance art

we have to be responsible and that responsibility means taking risks. that’s what artists do everyday of their life. they wake up and push themeselves to new limits


the vlog

of era un limite

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