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the origins of era un limite ®

“era un limite” (“it was a limit”, in english language) is the positive and rewarding statement expressed when the boundaries of personal limits advance in a new state of freedom, conquered through the learning and application of the scientific elements of personal evolution.

“era un limite” constitutes the essence of the daily work of dr. gianfilippo orsanigo, to inspire and help people to advance towards freedom from their personal limits.

the philosophy of era un limite ®

the philosophy of era un limite consists in the art of advancing beyond the boundaries of our own personal limits.

this is about the form of art as it is a question of acquiring theoretical knowledge and experimenting the practice, adapting the tools of personal evolution to own our life.

these tools, proposed by era un limite, are mentals, behaviorals, emotionals, physicals, experientials, and come from neurosciences, cognitive behavioral therapy, performance psychology, and from other subjects related to the knowledge of Dr. Gianfilippo Orsanigo, used in his work, to orient to positive social life, healthy nutrition, fitness movement, experiences in nature; to create, in general, the culture of discover and train our own potential. 

the concept of personal limits

personal limits, from the perspective of era un limite, are the elements with which human beings are born, grow, against which they stop their personal evolution.

personal limits, from the perspective of era un limite, consist of difficulties to achieve positive health, positive emotions, positive relationships, positive mentality.

personal limits are subjectively translated in elements of our own life to be eliminated, changed, increased or perfected.

there is no person without limits.

there is no evolution without limits to advance.

being aware of the existence of personal limits and the evolution from them constitutes the first step towards freedom.

the concept of freedom

freedom, from the perspective of era un  limite, consists in the subjective experience lived when the person advances beyond the boundaries of the personal limit, with respect to which that person is able to state “era un limite” (“it was a limit”, in english language).

in the new condition of freedom, that limit will belong to the past, it will be only a memory of the personal biography as it will not be part of the present life.

that limit, it was a limit (era un limite).

the concept of human performance

human performance, from the perspective of era un limite, consists in the practice and experimentation, in our own life, of the scientific elements of personal evolution.

the term human performance, from the perspective of era un limite, reflects the meaning of the performance implemented, in terms of quality and quantity, in relation to a process of evolution of the human being, in which it works to conquer freedom from its personal limits. 

doing human performance implies the humility of knowing a limit and implementing something to evolve; without this virtuous process there is no human performance.

the concept of eraunlimite.com

eraunlimite.com is addressed to people interested in increasing their knowledge about personal evolution, and to a specialistic public of the aid relationship (coaches, physicians, psychologists, teachers, therapists).

eraunlimite.com offers a learning platform based on the pure reading, and on gamification, if you want to tackle the quiz at the end of the lessons, to win points, to win levels and compete for the general ranking.

eraunlimite.com also offers a private social network in which you are in contact with other people interested in personal evolution, with the opportunity to talk about the lessons of freedom, to share knowledge, personal interests, life experiences, aspirations, dreams to realize.

f r e e d o m the scientific elements of personal evolution

freedom, the e-learnig of era un limite, created and available in english language, represents the new frontier to learn the scientific elements of personal evolution, proposed and realized in the formula of the short text, extremely synthetic, quick to read, easy to learn, precisely linked to the original sources of scientific literature.

freedom allows you to freely learn your favorite or necessary topics, without the need of prerequisites, in a pure learning experience, thanks to the absence of advertising, to conserve the attention and the pleasure of using the site.

essential learning

freedom concentrates the essential information of the scientific literature, selected by the founder of era un limite, dr. gianfilippo orsanigo.

the learning formula is structured in the elements of:

essential information of the treated topic.

essential information about the neuroscientific correlates of the treated topic.

essential information about measuring instruments of the treated topic.

essential information about the limits related to the non expertise of the topic treated.

essential information about the strategies to create freedom from the limits related to non expertise of the topic treated.

freedom habits
essential information of habits useful for creating functional routines for daily life.

a preview of freedom lesson

a preview of freedom quiz

a preview of freedom habits

endless learning

freedom offers a large amount of knowledge, continuously increasing, created exclusively from the selection of the most authoritative and recent scientific literature. 


freedom allows you to freely read and learn the lessons, without having to take quizzes, or to test your learning and join in a form of competition with yourself, gaining points (eras) and levels (epochs).

freedom proposes a quiz at the end of each lesson, made up of true or false questions.
100% correct answers are required to pass the quiz, with only one attempt available.
pass the quiz and win 100 points (eras), fail the quiz and lost 100 points (eras). 
That’s it 🙂

a preview of the status page


freedom gives you the pure experience of learning, thanks to the abscence of advertising, to offer clean experience, conserved attention and nourished pleasure.

h u m a n c e the social of human performance

humance, the social of era un limite, created and available in english language for the fine niche interested in human performance, is born to unite people in discussions and in-depth explanations of the topics present in freedom, to create a social learning experience.


humance allows you to connect with other people by creating posts, reactions, commenting, sharing and saving the posts of others; friend requests and profile following, private messaging, the creation of hashtags and the search for those used by other people, the deepening of topics in specific groups, and other functions to discover.

humance offers the opportunity to share personal stories, life experiences, dreams to realize, limits to evolve, ambitions for which to receive and offer feedback and support.


humance offers great privacy and exclusivity because it is a private social network with paid access.


humance gives you the pure social experience, thanks to the abscence of advertising and to the absence of unwanted spammer users, to conserve the attention and to nourish the pleasure of surfing the site.

a preview of the HUMANCE page

v l o g ignite your curiosity

vlog invites you to explore the fascination of human mind, with the scientific knowledge of freedom, the e-learning of era un limite. 


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